What Comfisonia Throw Pillow Cover Says About a Home!

When selecting the proper throw pillow, pillowcase, or pillow cover for a home, there are so many things to consider! Throw pillows and covers are such an excellent way to bring a pop of color and personality into a living room, bedroom, or even cozy reading nook. So, how does one go about choosing a new decor piece, and what does that piece say about the home?

One should always take note of the color scheme currently in the room or the one that’s to be obtained. Does the room currently follow a cooler, more winter color tone? This would include calming colors, such as shades of gray or blue. Finding a throw pillow or cover in a consistent tone, may be just the addition the room needs. Or perhaps, the room follows the pattern of more warming tones, such as orange, yellow, or even a nice coral. If this is the case, then a bright pop of color may be just what is needed to tie the room together! Whether the brighter things in life are adored, or if cooler tones are a necessity, Comfisonia has a wide array of products you may require!

Here is an example of throw pillows, offered in a wide array of colors, on the website. With many color tones, this product will suit the needs of any home and any personalized color preferences;

Velvet Round Pillows



Another excellent way to decide on a throw pillow or pillow cover for a newly designed space is to determine whether more of a minimalist or maximalist style is aesthetically appealing. Minimalists thrive on the “less is more” philosophy in life, but also in decor choices! A minimalist’s home may seem very basic to some, but it’s a lovely way of showcasing simpler and eye catching pieces. This is all without the feeling of clutter or too much going on. If the feeling as though this is a preference is emanating, a single-tone throw pillow, or perhaps a cover with a simplistic design may be the proper choice.

Now, if every open space in the room is filled with a trinket, cozy blanket, artwork and more, then maybe a maximalist lifestyle is underway! Being a maximalist doesn’t mean that one thrives in chaos, mess, and disorganization! It just means one enjoys more; more of the preferred colors, patterns, fabrics, and pieces! Although this style may not be for everyone, it can certainly be for someone. Pillow covers are such an amazing decor piece for maximalists. Why have one, when there’s always the option of multiple? Why have a simple pattern, when it’s a possibility to accentuate a home with the brightest, boldest patterns possible? Pillow covers are such an excellent option because they are interchangeable, and are so easy to swap as opinions and likes do! Here are two examples of some of the various pillow covers that are available on the website. There are a wide array of patterns, styles, colors, and textures available.

Furry Pillow Cover - Berlin


Moroccan Pillow Cover - Ella 6

It is so important to note the impression a home also gives off to others. Is a home inviting and comfortable for those living there, or for any guest to come into? One way to guarantee the comfort and care of anyone, is to ensure a good nights sleep. Silk and satin pillowcases offer a wide arrange of benefits for both a persons skin and hair, while they are asleep. Whether supplying for those residing in the home or thinking ahead for any guests that may be entertained there - a proper pillowcase is an absolute necessity for everyone. Whether satin or silk are the preference of choice, both options are easily available here;

Mulberry Silk & Satin Pillow Covers

Regardless of which throw pillow, pillowcase, or cover that’s decided on, or which decor choices are made - it’s always important to remain true to what brings joy to a household. Homes are the ultimate way to express personal tastes, design, and overall personality. Picking out any type of pillow should be fun, and show off the thought that went into the homes aesthetic! Select a pillow, case, or cover that follows the color tones of preference, goes along with the theme of the room, and meets the personal needs of everyone living in or visiting the home. In any case, Comfisonia has the throw pillow, pillowcase, or cover for all!